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Science-based deer management

Who we are

  • A Greater Victoria citizen-led, non-profit society of deer biologists, educators, retired wildlife managers and working professionals.
  • Our science advisory group includes University of Victoria and Camosun College scientists.
  • Committed to evidence-based and sustainable, non-lethal solutions to human-deer conflict in urban areas.

What's new


As the UWSS/Oak Bay project progresses (please see links below), we will be keeping the community informed of our activities and progress. Once we begin GPS collaring deer, we will also be asking residents to report deer sightings and continue to take and submit photographs and locations.  In the next few weeks we will be setting up a page on our website to report such information. If you have any questions, please email info@uwss.ca.

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How you can help

We’re passionate about long-term leadership to reduce deer-human conflict, but we need your help.


Citizens like you are helping fund this effective, science-based and humane urban deer stewardship. Donate or learn more.

Get involved

From hosting events to delivering flyers, we need your help. Learn about volunteer opportunities.

Become a citizen scientist

The Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS) is doing a photo inventory of urban deer in Oak Bay. Learn how to get involved with this citizen scientist project.

Get a sign

Please email info@uwss.ca if you'd like one of our deer traffic warning signs.

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