Deer oh deer

When you think of deer within a city, do you think of the sweet little Bambi out for a walk in the corner park with his mom? Or do you think about a terrifying, aggressive stag with red eyes of fury? In the lovely municipality of Oak Bay, I am taking part in a study of urban deer. Urban wildlife, and their management, is an interesting topic ecologically speaking. But it’s also fascinating in terms of public perception, because many people vocal about urban deer management either see the deer as sweet little Bambis (or is it Bambii), or as menacing beasts.   Continue reading

Update on deer tagging project

Our research team collared 4 does already in Oak Bay this week, we’re proud of how efficient our team of scientists are at getting collars on the deer within a very short time! The does are sedated and assessed through a brief physical exam. They are then fitted with a GPS radio collar that will allow our research team to track their movements. 4 identification tags are also attached to the collar as a quick means of identifying the deer from a distance. Continue reading

Next phase of deer management plan starting

Good News! The Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society will begin the next phase of an urban deer management plan to capture and GPS collar 20 does in the District of Oak Bay over the end of February and into early March, weather dependent. Continue reading

Safe deer interaction in the fall

It’s that time of year… …when it’s getting dark earlier, raining often and visibility is poor. When driving it can be harder to see deer (and people) crossing the road. As well, late October and November is the “rutting season,” when bucks can move suddenly and unpredictably. Continue reading

Deer-resistant gardens

Read how Oak Bay home owners turned their property into a Garry Oak meadow – “Good for the environment and the local ecosystem.” Continue reading

Presentation to Victoria Council

The UWSS presented to Victoria Council on July 27, as a follow up to a wide ranging staff report on urban deer management provided to Council. Continue reading

Avoiding close encounters of the road kind

One of the enduring joys for those of us lucky enough to live in the Greater Victoria area is the abundance of green space and wildlife in our community, whether birds, deer or other creatures. But being surrounded by nature requires a different level of awareness than in your typical urban-area concrete jungle. Continue reading

Oak Bay Update

The following report on Phase One of Oak Bay Deer Plan Management was submitted to Oak Bay Council on June 26, 2017. Continue reading

BC approves funding for Oak Bay/UWSS Deer Management Project

Approval has been granted by the Province of B.C., Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, to provide the District of Oak Bay, in partnership with the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS), with a cost-share grant of $20,000 that will be matched with an additional $20,000 from the District of Oak Bay.  Continue reading

Oak Bay & the UWSS receive provincial funding for first phase of urban deer research project!

Announced today by Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The British Columbia government is providing the District of Oak Bay with $20,000 to support ongoing efforts to control urban deer, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson announced today. The funding comes from the provincial urban deer cost-share program, which supports community projects that focus on deer culls and research into other population control methods, such as relocation and chemical contraception. Continue reading